Reader Mail: DJ Seasunz's Drug Use Didn't Make Him a Murderer

Deadly DJ

Quit blaming drugs: I'm getting tired of the whole blaming-drug-abuse-on-childhood-molestation-and-trauma defense, as used by Juan Carlos Portieles — AKA DJ Seasunz — after killing his teenage girlfriend ("Turntable Terror," Jon Tayler, September 6). People do drugs because they make you feel good and because they are addictive. Some people are genetically predisposed to addiction. As far as drug abuse being conducive to being a woman-beater? That's bullshit. Some men are naturally inclined to that form of violence — drugs or no drugs. They are missing that element of self-restraint that the rest of socialized human beings have. This guy had a couple bolts loose, and it has nothing to do with his childhood molestation or the fact that he did drugs. The rest of us recreational drug users don't want to be sensationalized as potentially violent people because of people like this. Fuckpunks

One pathetic murderer: Let's stop this nonsense — the clichéd story of the straight-A kid who turned drug addict and murderer. It just doesn't add up. At least James Holmes, the nutjob in Colorado who killed all those people in a movie theater, was just that — crazy — and even thought he was a Batman villain. This one was just a poor schlep trying to eke out an existence as a special-events DJ, not an Ultra-level DJ. Jimbo69


Letters to the Editor

Condi's Race Problem

Ill-informed garbage: Uncle Luke's latest column accusing Condoleezza Rice and Marco Rubio of being racial "tokens" for the GOP ("Sleazy Condoleezza," Luther Campbell, September 6) has so many fallacies, lies, and general dishonesty in it that I don't even know where to begin. How is Condi Rice a token for the GOP? She is one of the top leaders of the Republican Party on issues of foreign policy. Most GOP foreign policy advisers are deeply influenced by her stances and expertise on the Soviet Union. To say she is merely a prop, or a token for the GOP, is insulting to her intelligence and accomplishments. I can't believe I wasted a few minutes reading this trash. And pray tell, how is the Tea Party the KKK in disguise? Because they oppose Obama's insane spending, abandonment of the Constitution, and record levels of federal government corruption, they're racist? You need to read up some more, pal. I am in no way stating the GOP is infallible, because that party has plenty of flaws as well. But just read up about how much Obama has added to the federal debt. This is the main reason the Tea Party heavily opposed President Obama. Keep in mind, this "KKK Tea Party" that you speak of firmly supported African-American Allen West to help him win his congressional seat in Florida in 2010. They have supported other minorities in elections and are helping another black, Mia Love of Utah, in her campaign efforts this year. Simply put, I cringed when I read how ignorant your column was. Stop regurgitating what the media says. Please open your eyes and read from other sources. Seattle31

Racism is real: This column is the commentary of the most racist person I ever heard. The last time I checked, Obama is black and the president of the country. How can you call this country racist in that light? Do you think he was voted into office by African-Americans only? There are a lot of black people who are successful like Condoleezza Rice. Are all of them Uncle Toms? You are more racist than all of those people you are calling out. Black people like you are voting for Obama only because of his color, not because he is a good president. He has done nothing for black people. I know a lot of less-biased black people who will not vote for Obama because we do not want a president who wants to destroy this country. I could not care less about the color of his skin. He could be green, yellow, pink, or white. Eclomb

Are you joking?: I thought this column was some kind of joke at first. Since when is being a smart, successful person a bad thing? This is racism at its most shameful and harmful. I can't believe it was even published. If a white person wrote this kind of vitriolic article, there would be a huge outrage. No wonder there continues to be a racial gap in this country when people of any race can write this kind of hate speech. michaelinflorida


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