Reader Mail: Divided on Obamacare

Obama Flair

Answer this, Bippo: If Obamacare is so good ("The Health-Care Heist," Chris Parker, May 1), why I am paying more than double with a bigger deductible from my previous plan, why did I have to change all the doctors (from primary to specialist), and why is my medical coverage worse? Why, why, why, why did the big a-holes in Congress approve this piece of shit? Does anyone have a reasonable answer? Suareza

Wrong again, Bonzo: Hey, Chris Parker, I bet you have nice company-paid health insurance. It is a disgrace that we are the only major country in the free world without a national health plan for its citizens. There are millions who need and can't afford health care; when they lose their jobs, they lose their insurance. So shut up and offer a better plan than Obama's. barnyard2217


Reader Mail: Divided on Obamacare

Editor's note: Chris Parker is a freelancer. New Times does not offer him "company-paid insurance."

They're a bunch of dingos: Obamacare — good intention, fooled president. Government is subsidizing insurance policies for people at the price of a PPO when in fact consumers get an old-fashioned HMO. Politicians, whether they be Democrats or Republicans, are all the same. They fight to be in power, and once they are there, they all become rich. They are not the type of people the Founding Fathers had in mind when they drafted the Constitution. MiamiMan911

Conspiracy flake-o: Obamacare was built to be a failure. All of this was intentional. It was designed to give the socialists a reason to blame the free market (even though it has no root in the free market at all) and implement single-payer — you know, the failure that doesn't work in Canada, Cuba, or Europe. Just ask anyone who's had to wait for a heart procedure in a single-payer system — if you can find one who was lucky enough to get the treatment in time. Josh Colletta

Hit and Sprint

Let 'em go!: Disbar and jail the lenient judges who let hit-and-run drivers get away ("Runaway Killers," Kyle Swenson, May 1)! They're a disgrace to their profession and to society. cbsobe

Revolution now!: You get as much justice as you can afford. It's one of the many reasons why one day, the public will simply have had enough and will begin to take back the government and judiciary system. bfouges

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Love this reader's pen name: The house mentioned in "Erasing Beatlemania" (Trevor Bach, May 1) is in such awful disrepair and has truly zero historical value. This is just another attempt by so-called preservationists to thwart development. If they really cared so much about this house, they would have been making a stink about putting it on the historical registry years ago — but not a peep until someone buys it and has plans to build something large and expensive. It's just going after deep pockets. Anastasia Biltmore

Smarty pants: I am laughing my ass off at this article. You call the Beatles' Life magazine photo "one of the most iconic pictures of the band ever published." I'm a Beatles fan and recall seeing it maybe only twice. So memorable. Antonio Casanovas

Preservationist prattle: We live in a world where it is acceptable to erase history. Regardless of the Beatles story, this is an historic house, rich with other stories, and it stands as an example of a time when we were not in such a hurry to dispose of things. It is not eco-friendly to destroy an old home. Fix it, preserve it for many years, and teach our children history, culture, and the importance of the fruit of our ancestors' labor. Shame on the owner for planning to demolish the home, and shame on his neighbors for not putting up a fight. margiebot

McCartney as Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: I don't get it. Is the homeowner burning the photo too? Isn't this why we take photos? Is Paul McCartney on permanent display in this pool? Camilo Payan

History is best: Miami Beach history includes far more than the hotels on Ocean Drive. Miami Beach is fast becoming a corporate wasteland, but I guess people who don't live here wouldn't realize that. Katrina Tweddle

Miami Speak

Chill, bro: Miami, like Massachusetts, has its lingo ("Miami Slang Glossary," Kyle Munzenrieder, May 1). As an English speaker, I can tell you that during my teens in Miami, I constantly used "bro," "on a mission," and "eating shit." This language is more popular with the younger crowd, just like "cool," "sweet," "phat," "tight," etc. It's just street lingo. Don't be so uptight. Heather Rogerson

Get outta town: A lot of these slang words — most of them, in fact — aren't unique to Miami. Of course, if you spend all your time in Dade County, you might not be aware of that. ortega1


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