Reader mail: Chris Paciello is safe from today's Mafia

Mobbed Up

No hit men left: Sure, the secret FBI files Miami New Times dug up on South Beach nightclub icon Chris Paciello may show that he took down the Bonnano crime family ("Killer Comeback," Frank Owen, March 8), but let's get real. Nobody is going to "whack" this guy. Today's Mafia is a bunch of incompetent wannabes who can't cut it in society. Real men have legitimate jobs.



letters to the editor

A South Beach original: Only in Miami Beach can a hard-core criminal become a businessman the next day. When the entire city hall is full of criminals and the police force is working for the mob, what do you expect?

Michael Wind

Screwed Snitch

Bosco tells the truth: I personally knew and grew up with Bosco Enriquez, the Latin gang member who as a 15-year-old informant helped police take down the International Posse, only to get arrested and deported to Nicaragua ("Snitch and Suffer, Part 2," Chuck Strouse, March 8). No, these are not made-up stories he's telling New Times. He went through all of that. What is sad is that law enforcement promised him something as a kid that was never delivered. Although he is responsible for his actions and he had a chance to clean up his life, he didn't, and he chose to continue using drugs just like he did in his childhood. Regardless, he suffered a lot and now he's in a situation that nobody deserves to go through. I feel sympathy for him, and I hope he can find peace wherever he is.


Got what he deserved: Another garbage news story from New Times. This guy is a piece of crap who robbed people, burglarized homes and schools, sold drugs, and terrorized neighborhoods.


Police payback: This guy risked his life to help get those animals from the International Posse in jail, and this is how Miami police repay him? We support you 100 percent, Bosco.

John Doe

Outlaw young informants: I know Bosco, and he is a genuinely good person. Think about how dumb and vulnerable everyone is at the age he started snitching for the police. It should be illegal for police to use anyone underage in these dangerous operations. I'm so sad he got deported for trying to do the right thing.


Twice exploited: It's unfortunate Bosco got exploited to join a gang as a 13-year-old boy and lost his childhood. It's even worse that he seems to have been exploited by cops to take down the gang. Good for him for having the balls to tell this story. Hopefully it helps him heal and grow as an adult.


Color Blind

Quit whining: Regarding Uncle Luke's grouse about journalists of color not being given an adequate forum in Miami media ("Luke's Gospel: The Miami Herald Ignores Smart African-American Voices," Luther Campbell, March 8): With his paucity of detailed examples, it seems like yet another opportunity to harpoon Miami's white whale, the Herald. And rather than even acknowledge the fine work by Kevin McNeir at the local minority paragon, the Miami Times, the column is just the usual negative Miami whine. No wonder we're thought of as the nation's least friendly city. We're guilty as charged. Good vibes here are about as common as opportunities for promising journalists of color.

Dan Fickett

Not just a black problem: The Miami Herald ignores all non-Cubans. I am trying to learn Spanish because, well, you have to in Miami. I'm white and feel like a minority. It's kind of sad when you are cursed out in Spanish for not knowing how to speak it in an English-speaking country, and it's the same with getting a job here.


A modest proposal: Spot-on analysis again, Luke! Here's an idea: Let those who are qualified for journalistic positions get them. If anyone really thought they were denied a job they were qualified for based on their race, they would sue and win. I haven't noticed any of that happening, so this is just another race-bating nonissue fabricated by your neurotic ass. Believe it or not, South Florida is made up of more than just your dope-boys in Model City.

Caucasian in the Hood

Luke is the problem: Thank God more black columnists don't speak their mind like Uncle Luke does. If they did, it would set back Miami's race relations to the pre-1960s.


Pro-black media: Luther, you have to be kidding. The Herald and Channel 10 are as left-leaning institutions as you can find, and they kiss the ground that black liberals like you walk on. Have you ever heard either place say a bad word about Obama?


Tough to swallow: Now Luther, why do you think Channel 10 keeps a low racial profile? It's good for business. Racial commentary can backfire, so walking softly keeps you out of trouble. There are too many thin-skinned folks in South Florida.



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