Reader Mail: Cheap Beer, Kat Stacks, and Nip Slips

Where's the Cheap Beer?

But expensive beer is better: Yep, times are changing ("One Man's Quest to Find a $1 Beer in South Florida," Kyle Swenson January 9). When I was younger, people would do slum-bar crawls and have private parties and drink case after case of this cheap watered-down beer, get bloated and often sick, and many times they would throw up. Now people spend more money drinking stronger, better beer, and they are conservative and careful on what they drink, and they actually appreciate the beer they consume. misterflorida2000

Anybody got a calculator? THE MATH: A keg holds about 16 gallons of beer at 128 ounces in a gallon. If you are using a seven-ounce glass, you will get right around 300 glasses of beer out of a keg. A keg of beer on average costs about $75, so each glass costs 25 cents (a quarter), or $.04 per ounce. There are 16 ounces to a U.S. pint... so a PINT would cost ($0.04 x 16) = $ 0.64... WHY charge a reasonable price to locals for repeat business when you can "screw the tourists" at a premium price — a captive audience who are people with real career jobs elsewhere, on vacation here, who can afford to be ripped-off?... Who else would pay $20 to park somewhere to get an $8 Guinness and an $18 hamburger (previously frozen from Sysco) — and have the server expect a $50 TIP because her stuff is hanging out? frankd4


Reader Mail: Cheap Beer, Kat Stacks, and Nip Slips

I know a place! Great article! Love my Laudy dive bars — sad to see them slowly going away. Wednesday nights, Dania Beach Jai Alai has $1 drafts and hot dogs! That's probably going away too, though, as they are completely renovating the place. :-( veronicamaher

If anybody can write eloquently about gettin' liquored-up, it's Swenson: Thank you, Mr. Swenson, for this interesting and very-well-written piece. As I read, I could see myself perched on a barstool leaning against the bar with a cold beer in my hand in any and all of the places you described. And I feel I know all of those dive-bar denisons. I are one. Another thing... 70 ain't old, and gettin' old only happens when you think and act old. Anyway, thanks. gatorbytz

Hip-Hop Hanger-On's Third Act

Kat's got more lives: Whoa, put her back in. She's not done yet. ("Kat Stacks Is Back," Allie Conti, January 9). DrakeMallard.0

Who the hell is she? I have no idea who this is. It makes me feel like the New Times was short on news and created this thing. Who the fuck is this skank? Bridget Doyle

Is this your journalistic mission? I like reading New Times for music events and relevant Miami news, not TMZ-type bullshit. Enrique Merlano

Let her go: Why are we still talking about this retired stripper? Alex Nra Shemin

The Nip-Slip Princess

Nip slips don't bother me: First time I saw her ("Nip Slip Princess Jenny Scordamaglia Speaks," Terrence McCoy, January 9), I shook my head a little as well, but she is fabulous, kind, sweet, and great at what she does! Ken Wilcox

Yawn: This is nothing new; she's been doing this for years. She doesn't view it as nip slips; she feels that nudity is empowering. She gets fully nude in interviews and when she does yoga on her show. If you sub to her channel, you get to see as much as you want, of course. She gets naked and also hates any underwear. When you see her, she will never have on panties or a bra, ever. yodastoned07

I watch her for the information: One of the nicest, sweetest reporters out there. This is her thing and what her viewers love her for. Jenny Scordamaglia is a class act regardless of her tiny skirts and shirts. She knows what she is doing; she is smart. Live and let live! :) JennyLee Molina

Bye-Bye, Van Dyke Café:

Stop shopping; make art: So tired of this pretentious façade ("With Van Dyke Café's Closing, Lincoln Road Is Becoming the Luxury Mall It Was Meant to Be," Kyle Munzenrieder, January 9). Can we please be allowed to develop and enjoy a culture that doesn't revolve around designer jeans? I feel the beginnings of a cultural and artistic revolution here, and I hope actions like these don't slow it down. We are unnecessarily catering to tourists that are happy enough to have escaped cold weather. Let's make more music! More food! More theater! More art! We are a city bursting with life and stories — let's stop posing as a display case for luxury goods. veronicasays


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