Reader Mail: Charlie Crist Sucks, but Rick Scott Is Worse


Not the only 'roid school: I didn't notice in your piece about the long history of PEDs in the University of Miami's baseball program ("Steroids and the U," Tim Elfrink and Gus Garcia-Roberts, July 10) where you mentioned the other top 25 teams from 2005 that lost at least one person due to a positive drug test. The University of Texas, then the number one team, lost its top pitcher. Twenty of the other top 25 teams lost at least one member of their squads as well. I understand UM is the sexy team, but I think it should be mentioned that the Canes were not the only ones with performance-enhancing-drug problems. Miami Native

New Times writers are trolls: You guys are trolls. Is it really a coincidence that you rolled out this article the day after two UM football players got arrested for rape? I think not! There's nothing better than pissing on a family member's face just after he got kicked. John Nowacki


Reader Mail: Charlie Crist Sucks, but Rick Scott Is Worse

Nope, they're just good journalists: I am sure the newspaper that sparked the whole Biogenesis case isn't interested in trolling UM. They are interested in releasing true investigative stories that correlate with the UM baseball program being the dirtiest group of cheaters on the map. I played with two of these players throughout my lifetime, and they won't admit they grew six inches in the summertime and gained 30 pounds of muscle by eating their Wheaties. UM just cleared trainer Jimmy Goins, a Biogenesis client, of any wrongdoing eight days ago, but the guy doesn't get his job back? If UM or the players can disprove all these stories that Miami New Times has written and Biogenesis wasn't real, lawyer up. And they didn't. So yeah, obviously they're just trolls. Ryan Andersen Merz

Braun is the worst: Brewers star and ex-UM player Ryan Braun had to be at the center of this. I'm sure he must have been juicing throughout college and high school. Mahmud Mohamed

A Shady Dynasty

Doesn't add up: So according to your reporting on the political dynasty of the Diaz de la Portilla brothers ("Dubious Dynasty," Francisco Alvarado, July 10), one of them makes $38,900 as a lawyer and sales director for their family business. He must stink as a lawyer and suck in sales. Jose Mora

Tarantino would approve: Who does their PR? It doesn't seem the ­brightest idea for a politician to pose for a photo that looks like a scene straight out of Reservoir Dogs. Edward Delatorre

Unfunny comedy: Christ! The DLP brothers are back. I thought Larry, Moe, and Curly were gone for good. Dave Basora

Crist Ignores Black Voters

Crist is a hypocrite: I don't always see eye to eye with Uncle Luke, but I agree with him on this column about how Charlie Crist has totally ignored black voters in Florida ("Same Old Charlie," Luther Campbell, July 10). I'll take Gov. Rick Scott over Crist any day of the year. When we all look at Crist, it's hard not to immediately conjure up images of a rich white-guy playboy in a blue captain's jacket cruising down the Intracoastal on his 40-foot Hatteras with a couple of Brazilian babes in yellow thongs sunning on the foredeck and a cold mojito in his hands as he drives the boat. Please name one thing this guy did for Florida when he was governor. Just one. And while you're at it, please tell us what qualifications he has to be governor. Brains? Creativity? Innovation? LOL! Jose Mazon

No better candidates: Even if Luke is right about Crist, what's our other option in the election, Rick Scott? I'd rather take Crist and hope for a better candidate next time around. But we need to get Scott out of Tallahassee no matter what. Jose Manuel

Sophie's choice: Democrats are foolish to put this guy up as their candidate. We'd sooner vote for Uncle Luke, who's probably better suited for the role than these two clowns. Crist is still better than Scott, though. Shit sandwich or giant douche — these are our choices for governor. Andrew Creech

Tourist Hell

Bad service deserves a bad tip: You complain about tourists not tipping servers ("Terrible Tourists," Kyle Munzenrieder, July 10), but when I went to the restaurants in Miami, I got horrible service. One time, our server sat in a booth with his buddies while I got up to get everything. I'm usually a great tipper because I also work in the industry. Danielle Thornton

But how do you really feel?: OK, I get your point. Miami doesn't like tourists. No problem — I'll stay away. Actually I live in Florida, and I could not care less about the overpriced, overrated, crowded shit hole full of arrogant pricks anyway. hlain9152


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