Reader Mail: Charlie Crist Should Destroy Rick Scott

Guv Charlie

Do it, Charlie: Thanks for your in-depth piece on Charlie Crist's chances of running for governor again ("Who the F**k Is Charlie Crist?" Terrence McCoy, January 10). I've been hoping Crist would run as a Democrat against Rick Scott ever since he announced he had officially switched parties. maximumrider

Nice writing, kid: I read your piece on Huffington Post, and damn you can write grabby prose. The details put us right there with Charlie Crist. Don't let the AP wannabees in your office change your style. Mike McRevey

Credit his staff: There is no doubt, Charlie is a beautiful man. But the most impressive part about him as governor was his constituent relations. His staff actually answered the phone, resolved problems, and returned phone calls. FallSapphire

TMI: You write that "he smelled of breath mints and Brut aftershave." How exactly do you know that? Did you crawl up-close to Charlie? And did he reject you, yet again? You sound jealous. CravinMoorehead

Where are the convictions? Charlie Crist has to have a criminal record in order to run for office in this state. Don't you know that's required? sar427

First priority: As governor, Crist signed the NRA's legalized murder bill, Stand Your Ground, into law. He needs to correct this law immediately if reelected. Repeal Stand Your Ground! daylos

Not the best crosstraining: Sure, Charlie wasn't as great a quarterback as he claimed. But he probably didn't reach his full potential because, at least according to the picture accompanying this article, he apparently smoked a hookah on the sidelines of his football games. FatHand

Don't Believe Diaz

Keep up the good work: The story pointing out all the blatant falsehoods in ex-mayor Manny Diaz's new book ("Manny's Lies," Francisco Alvarado, January 10) is exactly the type of piece Miami New Times should be focusing on. Congrats on your first solid article of the year. miamitrev2

Blame the voters: If you have selfish, ignorant citizens, you're going to get selfish, ignorant leaders. Term limits ain't going to do any good in Miami, because you're just going to end up with a brand-new bunch of selfish, ignorant Americans in charge. So maybe it's not the politicians who suck. Maybe something else sucks around here... like the public. People used to believe our better days were ahead of us as a nation, but I think our better days are behind us. drakemallard

Braman Brouhaha

Common crime: I heard from someone who knows this Ulises Ruiz guy who is suing Norman Braman, claiming he's ripped off car owners and BMW ("Braman's Whistleblower," Michael E. Miller, January 10). He says he sues every company he's ever worked for. Usually companies settle, so there is no record on his background. My guess is if Braman BMW is inflating service costs to bilk BMW, they wouldn't be the only crooks doing this. All companies do the same thing. I think this Ruiz guy finally met his match in Braman. jodjo62

Everyone does it: The guy making these claims is an idiot. This type of cost inflating goes on at every dealer, not just at Braman's businesses. Rafael Fernandez

Maple Leaf Mistreatment

Cops lie: I have to say that I believe the two sisters from Toronto who say they were abused and insulted by Miami Beach Police officers ("Crimes Against Canada," Francisco Alvarado, January 10) and not the policemen. I myself have had similar experiences with the police here, and the part where Angelina said she was called horribly derogatory names and mocked for her weight rang true to me. The police here are just absolutely foul, and everyone who lives on the beach knows it. Steer clear of MBPD. christianwells888

Good riddance: I think the police did their job and did it well in this case. What was the younger sister going out drinking for? And where did she get the booze? The drinking age in Florida is 21, not 20. If they had listened to the officers' instructions, none of this would have happened. I read an article in the Toronto Star claiming they are "good girls," but good girls don't hang out with strange guys smoking weed on private property and then mouth off to police. They received some much-needed discipline that their parents never gave them. I wonder if they will try this selfish stunt again. My guess is they learned a valuable lesson. As for the mom saying, "We are never coming back to Miami again," you should forward that statement to U.S. Customs so they can make sure they are not allowed back in the U.S. again. eglingtonflats


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