Reader Mail: Carlos Gimenez Is a Catastrophe

Knocked Out

Justice always works: In the criminal case against boxer Yathomas Riley, who has been in jail for two years on questionable charges that he shot his girlfriend ("Sucker Punch," Michael E. Miller, April 19), justice will eventually prevail. This is a case like the Trayvon Martin shooting: It must go to trial before we can know what really happened that night. There are just too many vague details out there. Riley's claim that his girlfriend shot herself is suspicious, and Riley doesn't have clean hands when it comes to his past criminal activity. Realistically speaking, he's also chosen a violent sport as a profession. There must be a solid reason for the judge to keep giving the prosecution delays in the trial. I expect several delays have been given to the defense as well. So let justice work before you conclude who is guilty.

Jeffrey Fichtelberg


letters to the editor

Justice never works: I don't know how the justice system cannot see that it's holding an innocent man behind bars due to some political BS. Whatever is the root cause behind why Riley is still sitting in jail, someone needs to make the prosecutors stop screwing people like this. I thought we were innocent until proven guilty. When will this madness cease? Free the next boxing champ!

Mono (Pachichi)

Free Riley: I sit here asking myself: How can the prosecutors, the police, and the judge live with themselves knowing they have an innocent man behind bars for a crime he didn't commit? How can they all go home and have a conscience knowing that Riley is wrongfully accused? The facts are the facts. How can those people overlook them? I'm no attorney and I'm not a cop, but I do know that if the gunshot residue was on Riley's girlfriend's hands, she fired the gun, not Riley. The evidence speaks for itself. Yathomas, just know you have some prayers on your side.


Call the feds: This man came from the streets and a troubled past, made amends for his wrong choices, and pursued his dreams. And then this happens. The evidence is clear, yet there is still no justice. Listen up, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder: This is definitely a civil rights violation by the State of Florida. This state is becoming infamous for how badly it treats black people.


Mayoral Morass

Gimenez sucks: Uncle Luke is right on about the catastrophe at county hall ("Luke's Gospel: Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez Has Failed," Luther Campbell, April 19). Gimenez is so proud of whacking benefits for his senior staff that he can hardly contain his glee. I am sure his fundraisers are waiting and watching for these career administrators to exit the building so they can install dupes and morons who will do their bidding. Gimenez is jeopardizing our county as he chokes the life out of our government. His reorganization plan has only delayed the decision-making at county hall. It now takes more people to sign off on routine matters and causes the wheels of government to grind slower. He is only stacking the bureaucratic boxes. For people who want to see this county sink into the swamp and disappear, Gimenez is your man. Others, who want to see their children have a future in this community and enjoy their amenities, you better start searching for another candidate who has a vision, not just a desperate focus on being re-elected.


Gimenez isn't that bad: Yeah, Carlos Gimenez is a bad mayor, but he could easily be much worse. He could be even more of a tax-and-spend liberal who would give away the money from productive businesses and residents to special interest groups and strangle us with even more regulation and crony socialism.


You're one to talk: Listen, Luke — let's not forget the asshole you supported in the last election against Gimenez, former Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina. How about you stay out of this one? Maybe the Miami-Dade mayoral race is just not your thing. Do yourself a favor and just stay off the subject.


When Robots Attack

Cops are robots: Good for the University of Miami for sponsoring a conference about how to deal with the eminent rise of potentially deadly robots ("Robot Rebellion," Tim Elfrink, April 19), but the truth is that most cops are already like robots. If they could think for themselves, the War on Drugs would be long over. If you think the War on Drugs is working, say, "Baa," because you're a sheep too. Wake up and tell your government to stop wasting tax money on this misguided war on American citizens.



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