Reader Mail: Calling Obama "Too Cool" Isn't Racist

Sultan of Strippers

There's no 401(K) for strippers: If the women featured in your profile of famed black strip club King of Diamonds ("King of the Strip," Francisco Alvarado, May 10) were smart, they would stash that money they make. When it's all said and done, they should be sitting on millions. But no real woman would ever lower her standards to this type of foolishness. It's very sad that these young girls would lower themselves, because all these guys at the club see is a hoochie-mama they will never marry. Frankly, instead of stripping for quick cash, you should go and work hard. Set your standards high, and you will get a good man who will take care of you. I refuse to lower my standards for a few dollars. What these women are failing to realize is they are going to get old, and stripping does not offer a pension, a 401(K) plan, or a retirement. Most of them are running to get the Mercedes-Benz and the designer pocketbooks, and they are not saving that money. What idiots. Thank God for class, morals, and dignity!


Blinded by sex: The sad part about this story is not the girls dancing. The sad part is that American males are so conditioned and controlled by the carrot of possible sex that they will throw millions at a woman in a bikini to validate themselves. It's like a bunch of morons at an auction bidding on a turd. One guy bids a hundred, and the other guy's ego won't let him be outbid, so he bids two hundred. The real players are the guys banging these chicks for little to no money. These other guys are just followers who waste money at King of Diamonds because they see Lil Wayne doing it.


Racist Code

White people are cool too: I don't know any rappers. I don't watch reality television. But I do know that Uncle Luke's article claiming Karl Rove is racist for his ad criticizing President Obama for being too "cool" ("Luke's Gospel: The Real Message of Rove's Attack Ad: Obama Is Too Black to Be President," Luther Campbell, May 10) is itself subliminally racist. It implies only blacks can be "cool" and therefore is a racist argument. I believe the real question is whether Obama's actions have been presidential. That is a question that should be decided by the voters.


Look in the mirror: Your liberal crap is not going to work this time, Uncle Luke. The only racist is you for bringing up this argument.

Johnny Boz

Laziness is to blame: Young people like the president because they all have this mentality that they're owed something instead of working their ass off like us people who are 35 and older. I don't care what race you are or what music you listen to, but if you need help buying food or insurance for the kids, I don't think you should be driving a Lexus or a Caddy or rolling with 22-inch rims on a car that ain't worth $500. Yes, it should be mandatory that all people on any form of public assistance have to take monthly drug tests. Again, race doesn't matter. This is from an ex-con who spent 13 years behind the fence. But I have been working since I got out, because I applied myself and instilled in my kids that if you want something, you have to work for it. Don't expect it to be handed to you.


Truth be told: But Obama is a celebrity president. Oops, I just said that. Am I a racist now?

Sir Sausage

Shame Game

Can't be legal: The lawyer behind the new Miami-based website that tries to publicly shame people who owe small debts ("Debt Shamers," Tim Elfrink, May 10) is going to get sued big time and easily for this kind of stuff. Someone who posts or even uses his site might be made liable too. I imagine he has some sort of fail-safe that throws any blame onto the person posting the debt. I highly recommend that he look for a lawyer with even the most basic business and financial knowledge, who could easily express the many reasons why this can lead to a costly lawsuit. If his website gets just one small fake post or incorrect debt, or even if a person with debt shares the name of another who doesn't, defamation is just one simple factor that people can use to sue. This is a scummy idea.

A Matter of Law


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