Reader Mail: Bring On a Black Boycott of Miami Beach

Best of Miami

Great choice: Thank you for noticing what I have known since I met Lissette Gonzalez ("Best of Miami: Best Meteorologist," June 13) when she was selected as Miss Carnaval Miami in 1997. I've had the privilege of working with Lissette at CBS4 since 2007 and have witnessed the amount of time she dedicates to the community as MC or guest speaker at fundraising events and local schools. She is a fully certified meteorologist — definitely not a "weather girl" — and has passed her studies with honors. She truly deserves this recognition. nrubio21

Boycott the Beach

Treat black tourists fairly: Uncle Luke is right on that Miami Beach is trying to discourage black tourists during Urban Beach Weekend ("Boycott Redux," Luther Campbell, June 6). I will not even try to tell you that the black people who come here are not rowdy and sometimes obnoxious. However, that's true of all freaking tourists everywhere! When the raver kids come in their blindingly neon outfits and drugged out of their minds for Ultra, there are many fewer police. When the obnoxious and annoying South Beach Wine & Food Festival people come and clog the roads because they can't read a map and take all the parking spaces while stumbling into the street like drunken idiots, there are virtually no police.


Letters to the Editor

But when the black people come to town, we mobilize every police unit, security force, and state trooper in the area because we all know black people are this close to being terrorists. No one wants to see their black skin on their precious South Beach. I have seen all sorts of ignorant people here of all different colors. What I saw during Memorial Day weekend was overkill of the highest variety. This city is full of individuals who are apparently OK with their tax dollars being used like this. There's a park I walk through that is always cloaked in darkness, but during Memorial Day weekend, they decided to light it up because of "the black people." On top of this, the city posted signs saying people were not allowed to go into certain neighborhoods. Now what does that sound like? I want to know how long the city thinks it would get away with telling that to the "other" tourists who come here. Call it whatever you want, but I'm calling it like I see it. AlecTW

Fortuneteller Fraud

Suckers deserve to get ripped off: What these fortunetellers, also known as scammers, do ("Queen of Scams," Kyle Swenson, June 6) is despicable and disgusting, but some people need to grow up. Anyone who spends more than 50 cents on "psychic services" is just proving to be a gullible sucker. Gullible suckers usually end up being ripped off. It's in their nature. Exiliado

Worse ways to suffer: A fool and his money are soon parted. Whether it's through gambling or shopping or religion, the money lost is typically in exchange for something — and that something can simply be puffery. Madison Avenue advertising depends on puffery just the same as these gypsies. Desperate people will do desperate things, and pissing money away is the least of it. Some commit suicide or do drugs or fall into the bottle or pursue other dangerous outlets, so going broke through fortunetellers is low on the list of tragedies, however despicable it is morally and ethically to dupe vulnerable people. frankd4

Be careful what you wish for: Congratulations on a very fascinating article. It's hard to believe that fortunetellers can make so much money through these scams. On The Twilight Zone many years ago, there was an episode about a couple who were in a diner, and at their table was a "fortunetelling machine." After depositing a quarter, the machine would predict the future. At first, the couple thought this was fun, but as they kept depositing money, the machine told them very accurate things about their lives. In the end, the couple could not leave the table. The machine told them that if they did, they would die. I saw that as a child, and it still haunts me. Who knows, maybe the couple is still in the diner? junebug01095


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