Reader Mail: Blame Bud Selig for MLB's Steroid Mess

Steroid City

Blame Bud: Instead of persecuting Porter Fischer, the source who provided documents from Coral Gables clinic Biogenesis that indicate it was selling performance-enhancing drugs to ballplayers ("Source Code," Tim ­Elfrink, June 20), how about going after the real crook here, Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig? His whole legacy is built on labor peace and expanded revenues. And how did he get it? He got labor peace by refusing to take a hard line on PED usage until he was called out by the U.S. Congress. And where did the massive revenue increase in the '90s come from? The fact that anybody and their grandpa started cranking 40 homers a year. The insane home-run count broke record after record. And Bud Selig was the one cheering them on the whole time, actively promoting MLB as the Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa show. Then, all of a sudden, he's willing to use every slimy means just to cover his own ass. Between his terrible record of hypocrisy on PEDs, his refusal to improve officiating, double-wild-card nonsense, severe restrictions on the draft and international signings markets, propping up the failed ownership groups of the Mets and the Marlins, and now being subjected to a major antitrust lawsuit over his endless foot dragging on the Oakland A's attempts to move to San Jose, history is not going to be very kind to ol' Bud. The sooner he gets shown the door, the better for the whole sport of baseball. ceraunograph

No way MLB can trust him: I'm not surprised that authorities didn't rely much on this guy from Biogenesis. He sounds delusional. All the "evidence" he claims to have gathered has disappeared in bizarre ways. And there are people following him everywhere, conspiring against him. Alex325nyc


Letters to the Editor

Judicial Wrestling

Ego wars: Your piece about Michael Brannon, the psychologist and former pro wrestler holding taxpayers hostage in Broward County over an ongoing lawsuit into his expert witness testimony ("Courthouse Rumble," Kyle Swenson, June 20), boils down to just another typical pissin' contest between egomaniacs. frankd4

Missing the Trees

Good riddance, bikers: Who cares if the city cuts down invasive trees shading the biking paths on Virginia Key ("Virginia Key Kerfuffle," ­Michael E. Miller, June 20). That just means fewer cyclists around I have to worry about hitting. Those jerks have a whole lane to themselves, and they still choose to create traffic on the other side of the bridge to Key Biscayne that's under construction. Nicolas Garcia

Don't trust the city: I can imagine the city removing all the invasive species and then never getting around to replanting indigenous ones in their place. Why don't they take care of the barren areas on Virginia Key first? Ariana Hernandez Reguant

Replant with natives: Invasive species like Casuarinas are bad for Florida habitats. But if the city cuts them down, it must replant with native species. It's really that simple. Mister Raoul

Let the park be: Those trees have been there for generations. The truth is that eco-terrorists care about Virginia Key only now that people have begun using the park — a park, by the way, that was lobbied for by advocates for more than ten years to be used for mountain biking, a park made and run by volunteers. There are plenty of places where restoration can be made in Miami-Dade County. Leave Virginia Key alone, please. Rafael Torrens

DCF Disaster

Luke is a hypocrite: Uncle Luke's latest column, about failures at the Department of Children and Families ("Florida's Worst Agency," Luther Campbell, June 20), shows just how useless he is as a columnist. His previous column, calling for a black boycott of Miami Beach, had more than 130 responses, and more than 95 percent of the feedback was negative. In his newest column, he tries to appeal to pity by defending children. He probably would have received better responses, but then his last paragraph — claiming the state won't fix DCF because it doesn't care about poor minority kids — brings it all back to his racist views. If the government stepped in and starting taking babies from poor black mothers like he is demanding, his next column would be about the government singling out poor black mothers. kirkslade1

Paging Representative Wilson: Why don't you reach out to Rep. Frederica Wilson and have her do something besides worrying about which crazy hat to wear when she makes a public appearance? Harry the Handyman


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