Reader comments: Judge screwed over Miami Beach's vigilante cyclist

Blind Justice

Seeing is disbelieving: OK, so this "judge" believes that if you are not conducting yourself in a 100 percent legal manner, you get what you deserve when someone assaults you, even if you have video evidence to support your case ("Road Rage," Tim Elfrink, July 21)? Well, well, well, glad I don't live in Miami.

Mark Brewster

Crime pays: Now everybody knows why we live in a nation that feels the need to build more prisons. We the people, through our surrogates in authority, are promoting criminality!


Poetic Injustice

Memento mori: The killing of Will "Da Real One" Bell is such a tragedy ("Dead Poet's Society," Francisco Alvarado, July 21). I didn't know him personally, but I got the chance to hear him recite some of his poetry. He was a great man who died for a foolish reason, and he will always be remembered. RIP, Will.

V. Tillman

To know him: Incredible article and tribute to Will. It gives me insight into the life of this great person I met but never got the chance to know.

La Guardia

Catching Flak

Comeuppance: I am so glad you wrote an exposé about Jose Canseco ("Canseco Bottoms Out," Rich Abdill, July 21). The Canseco brothers have always used any means to get what they think they deserve. I saw them play high school baseball. No biggie. The city made their egos big. Truly they need to grow up and get real jobs like the rest of the world and stop crying rivers when things don't go their way. They are grown men who need to stop harassing women of any age.


Card shark: What about the fact that he never returned the baseball cards I sent to him in 1990 for him to sign?


Give him a break: I went to school at Coral Park with Jose and Ozzie. They are nice guys. He was a great baseball player for some time. Roids or not, you still have to hit a 95-mile-per-hour fastball. Roids only give you power, not the ability to hit the ball!


Shoeless Joe: I met Jose Canseco years ago. He was with his brother, and I stopped him in a large crowd of folks and asked him for an autograph for my young nephew. I thought for sure he would be upset, concerned that I would draw attention to him. But he was polite, courteous, and even wrote a little note to my nephew telling him to do well in school. So until you walk in a man's shoes, you shouldn't judge him.


Washed up: Again, after reading a New Times news article, I wonder to myself: Where is the story? That Jose Canseco is an asshole? That was last decade's news, fellas.


Single out: Leave the man alone for God's sake. A-Rod, Bonds, Petite, Clemens, and countless others have juiced up, yet many fans idolize them. Yes, he has hit rock bottom. Yes, he can sometimes be an asshole. Now you idiots want to kick him while he's down. You people suck. The National Enquirer has nothing on you!


Mayor Disappointment

Bad choice: It's wrong that Mayor Carlos Gimenez hired his longtime fireman buddy Genaro "Chip" Iglesias as deputy mayor at $225,000 when he is supposed to be saving money by reducing department heads from 50 to 25 ("Luke's Gospel," Luther Campbell, July 21). He also dropped the ball by not fighting the final $43 million installment for the Marlins stadium, even after promising Miami-Dade taxpayers during his campaign that he would fight it. What an initial disappointment.


Fan mail: I follow Uncle Luke's column, and I really enjoy it. I'm pleased to know there are people like him spilling the beans on Miami-Dade politics and telling it the way it is. My parents were Greek, but I am Miami-born and raised. Unfortunately, it's the same old story — all thieves, all doing favors for their buddies, all on taxpayer dollars. By the way, I would have voted for Luther Campbell if he had made it to the runoff. Keep up the good work.


News Times Wins Again

Miami New Times last week picked up three major awards from the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies. Staff writer Gus Garcia-Roberts won best feature for a profile of fallen music entrepreneur Scott Storch. Freelancers Brandon K. Thorp and Penn Bullock took the short-form news award for stories about anti-homosexual expert George Rekers. And editor Chuck Strouse won for a selection of his political columns.


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