Read Mail: Don't Mock Jesus on the New Times Cover

I-4 Corridor Fight

Editor's note: The cover last week, picturing Jesus Christ, offended some readers. It was meant to convey the many theme parks along the I-4 corridor — including the Holy Land Experience and Disney World. We apologize for any offense caused.

Bad taste: Your cover last week for your piece about the fight for votes in the I-4 corridor ("How Would Jesus Vote?" Victor Gonzalez, November 1) showed a major lack of judgment. If you wanted to be provocative, you were. But you've insulted people. This is hurtful. I am no far-right zealot and I am not religious, but this cover drawing of Jesus offended me. It hurt your brand. George

Unprofessional cover: This is a formal complaint in regard to the distorted "Mickey Mouse" picture of Jesus used on the cover of your magazine. There are many ways to call readers' attention, but the distorted picture of Jesus that you used is an insult to any Jesus follower. An apology to your readers is too late, but it wouldn't hurt. You would never do something similar to a Moses or Abraham picture and offend Jews or depict any religious icon that would offend Muslims. It is a shame that a Miami magazine aimed at a community where most people are Christians used a cover distorting him. Be more professional. Jose L. Ferrer

Jesus wouldn't lie about Obama: I don't know who Jesus would vote for, but I am reasonably certain he would get the facts straight. Of course Jesus himself could not convince some people that Obama is not a homosexual Kenyan Muslim communist and illegal alien who eliminated the work requirement from welfare and caused Jeep to ship American jobs to China all while secretly plotting to dispatch his critics to FEMA concentration camps. Just ask our good friend, Rep. Allen West. David C. Hart

Romney will win Florida: The area north of I-4 is decidedly Romney's territory. South of I-4, Democrats and independents are split between Romney and Obama, and most Republicans are voting for Romney. Broward County has more than 500,000 registered Democrats, about 280,000 independents, and nearly 230,000 Republicans, yet the county newspaper, the Sun-Sentinel, is endorsing Romney. I strongly believe that Floridians are voting on the economy, because without sound financial health, it is difficult to talk about social issues. Florida will definitely swing for Romney. Amasuah

Who is Mitt Romney? We've heard a lot of lies, but we also know a lot of truths. Our president was born in Hawaii, graduated with top honors from Harvard Law, and used principles of free enterprise to rehab "urban blight" in Chicago, and radical Palestinians have burned his effigy dozens of times for supporting Israel. So we know who he is. What do we really know about Romney? We do not have any documents that support his claims. I'm not talking about just the lack of complete tax returns. He seized his records from public office in Massachusetts. We have some documents that Bain Capital filed with the SEC, but they contradict what Romney says about his control of the company when it was destroying hundreds of legitimate businesses. Has any candidate ever been more hidden about the details of his life, his "plan," or how he will make 12 million jobs appear? We do know who his advisors are. He has chosen as his staff and highly paid consultants from the same batch of folks that ran the George W. Bush administration and ran this country into the ground. It's telling that the folks in Massachusetts really got a look at Romney and they are now supporting Obama by double digits. keylawk

Bad Hurricanes

Blame Shalala: Uncle Luke, you are so right about Donna Shalala destroying the football program at the University of Miami ("Lighten Up, Donna," Luther Campbell, November 1). This Miami organization is so messed up that all the best talents out of the state of Florida choose to play for other schools. Nobody wants to go to a losing program that's facing sanctions, all because of some snitching lil' punk like Ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro. Now he wants to bring the U down out of anger because he got 20 years in prison. I've been a Canes fan since the '80s and I have never seen the Canes defense this sorry. I'm not so sure this coaching staff and defensive coordinator are the right fit for the Miami program. Some of the play-calling is stupid and the defensive schemes do not work. I can only hope this program gets back to winning in the near future. ScorpioCanez


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