Random Person With Vague Connection To Education To Be Next University Chancellor

Remember when St. Pete Times columnist Howard Toxler wanted the state university system's next chancellor to be "a real (bleep)"? Basically he wanted someone with name recognition who couldn't be easily pushed around by legislators.

Fat chance at that. The Board of Governors hired a search firm from Texas, and they've just released their recommendations. Read the full thing at Naked Politics.

Amongst those on the list? Simon Priest, acting president, Marco Polo International University, a school we are not actually sure exists; M.T. Attaf, possible Canadian and professor, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Quebec, Montreal; and Bernard Weiss, former member, faculty of graduate education, Southern University. Amongst those not on the list? Anyone we have ever heard of before.

What kind of search does this Texas firm use? Picking names randomly out of a hat? Yadda, yadda, yadda. We're sure these people are all highly qualified diamonds in the rough. Except for that acting president of the fake college. Sorry, dude.


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