Ragheb and Nabil Sulaiman, Clerks Who Killed Akil Oliver With a Crowbar, Have First Day In Court Postponed

Ragheb and Nabil Sulaiman -- the Perrine clerks who sparked a national furor and a local boycott after allegedly beating a customer to death ago over an argument about a few cents change -- will have to wait another few weeks for their first day in court.

The Sulaimans' arraignment -- originally scheduled for last Friday -- has been postponed until Dec. 28, their lawyer tells Riptide.

On Nov. 18, the Sulaimans got into a heated argument with Akil Oliver, a customer at their Perrine QuickStop who believed he'd been shorted seven cents change.

The men told police that Oliver called them a "fucking Arab" and promised to "fuck their mothers and sister," which prompted 19-year-old Nabil to hit him over the head with a bottle and 24-year-old Ragheb to beat him to death with a crowbar.

Oliver's family, meanwhile, say the clerks dropped the N-bomb repeatedly during the argument and during the beating.

Jorge Viera, the Sulaimans' lawyer, says he expects Ragheb to be formally charged with second-degree murder at the Dec. 28th arraignment. He wasn't sure what charge Nabil will face, though court records indicate he'll face a count of aggravated assault.


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