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May belongs to the Mavericks. Guitarist David Lee Holt arrives in town May 3 for rehearsals. On May 8 the 'pokes play what they're calling a "warm-up" gig at the venue where they were born (if you don't know, too bad). Then they tape a show for cable TV. May 11 calls for an in-store at Peaches in South Miami. Friday, May 15, is the official album release party at the Lasso Lounge in Miami Beach, then the boys play a number of shows around the state. This is the big time, sports fans. And wait'll you get a look at their June itinerary.

The May issue of Guitar World magazine features a short take on Nuclear Valdez plucker Jorge Barcala. It's not much to read, especially for folks like you who know all about the Nukes, but it is nicely illustrated with a gorgeous black-and-white shot of Barcala and Fro Sosa (misspelled Rosa in the caption, but correctly spelled in the copy). Look real close and you'll notice that the snap was taken by none other than Steve Hlavac, New Times's staff photog.

It's not exactly a Rolling Stones reunion (Mick and Keith can't make it), but guitarist Mick Taylor, sax man Bobby Keys, and keyboardist Nicky Hopkins (subject of "Session Man" by the Kinks) are getting together for shows at Charcoals - next Wednesday in Kendall, May 1 in Coral Springs, and May 2 in Miami Lakes.

Update: Don't bother listening for DJ Carlos Menendez at Van Dome on Saturdays; he spun there only for the club's opening. You will find the DJ at various other venues on Saturdays.

Look elsewhere now for the Broward Folk and Acoustic Music Club's open-mike nights. The new venue is the New River Tavern, 10 S. New River Drive, Ft. Lauderdale, 791-0735. This Saturday is a perfect opportunity for you to get folked. Bring an appetite for food, too.

scrape is back with ish no. 4, featuring big coverage of the very cool Leaving Trains. In case you don't memorize this column before carefully filing it with your tax receipts and birth certificate, we remind you that scrape is a scrappy little underground music 'zine we like a lot. Not so little any more, either - the latest edition is twenty pages thick.

Radio sucks, that's a given. It's also a generality, because there are specific exceptions, including certain programming on WDNA-FM and WLRN-FM. And the biggest exception of all, WVUM-FM, the voice of UM. The station provides a startling contrast to the dreck of commercial broadcasting. Now you can provide the station with some much-deserved help by attending a benefit concert this Saturday at Washington Square: Holy Terrors, Mary Karlzen, Quit, Falling Corpses, the Shrugs, and Forget the Name, the last performing their vaunted acoustic set. Helluva show for $6, especially considering where that money goes.

Also notable: Lt. Rocks rocks the Rock Box in South Miami this Saturday.
Monday evening a number of people with money to burn are supposed to gather at the pedestrian mall called Lincoln Road. The affair is private. But the Arts Asylum folks don't go for that, so they've scheduled their presentation for 9:30 to 10:00 p.m., after the private affair, so you can go to the 700 block of Lincoln Road and enjoy an encore of Susan Karrie Braun's play Mirage on the Cafe and an installation called "Creation," featuring work by artists as diverse as Tom White and Tara Solomon. Call 673-8679.

Butthorn of the week and the media circus: USA Today. Did I miss something since Watergate? I don't think much of, or about, journalistic ethics, but the national daily is going too far with its extortion of celebrities. I can vaguely grasp a justification for the paper's extortion of Linda Ellerbee (forcing her to reveal that she had surgery for cancer) because Ellerbee was/is a sort of journalist, and journalists should be held to certain standards because they are part of the system of checks and balances, just like politicians, and therefore give up some privacy rights. But Arthur Ashe? What ramifications does his illness have on the public? None. So his privacy should not have been invaded, especially not by low-life extortionists like those at USA Today.

A better butthorn: Something with the oh-so-clever and poetic name of Omahans for Decency were jacking up Luke Campbell last week. Same old shit. Steve Exon, an Omaha city councilman with close ties to the PMRC, sources say, was the main instigator. Six stores were busted for selling Sports Weekend, but one store wasn't - Leola's, which caters to a primarily dark-skinned clientele. Keep those damn niggers in the ghetto. Same old shit. Luke cancelled a press conference at Leola's last Friday. Ironically, Body Count was scheduled to perform live in Omaha the same night. To quote Body Count singer Ice-T: "Freedom of speech, that's some motherfucking bullshit."

The media circus and butthorn of the week: Last week New Times writer Jim DeFede blew the lid off the Andrew Morello case. Channel 4 News reiterated some of DeFede's findings, calling their report an "exclusive," without mention of NT. Channel 7 news used NT graphics without credit for their report. Both stations said the 911 tapes "were just released today" - even though DeFede had them for weeks.

Pet corner: Being a know-it-all, I thought I'd heard everything about "companion animals," which is the semantically correct way of saying "pets." But how about this: What happens to your C.A. when you die? Orphaned pets. Think about that one for a while.


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