Program Notes 6

This Saturday the place to be is actually two places. As mentioned here last week, the Florida Music Association presents an expo and a concert on Saturday, although it turns out that only the show will take place at Button South -- sixteen acts on two stages (see our "Calendar" for a listing of most of the performers). The "Meet the Media" portion of the program will occur at Crown Sterling Suites, 1100 SE 17th St. in Fort Lauderdale at 2:00 p.m. (527-2700). Sandra Schulman (Sun-Sentinel), Scott Benarde (Palm Beach Post), Howard Cohen (Miami Herald), Michael "Iceman" Koretzky (XS), Jay Greenwald (Voodoo Highway), and Linda Trocard (Amalgam) will tell you everything you need to know to become the next Nirvana. I'll be there to supply the heroin and shotguns.

Cheers continues taking up the slack of all those closed clubs. There now will be Saturday night shows, beginning this week with the Ed Matus Struggle, Bureau, and the reunited Bellwether. Tonight (Thursday) Cheers hosts Nobuhjest, Grass Patch, and the Basicks.

Tired L.A. punk band the Vandals (opening for Offspring on their current tour) took issue with Miami's Vandal when the latter was out on the Left Coast recently. "They made threats," says Eric Knight. "They said we were trying to take their name. They made such a stink in L.A. because they thought we were trying to harm them. We call ourself, right on our CD, 'Helltown's infamous Vandal.'" Our Vandal will be more concerned with blowing you away than bickering about monikers when they perform live this Saturday at the Colony Theater; Butterclub and Spiritual Graffiti open.

Superbuzz rockers Muse (who'll be on the Beast and Baker Show this Saturday on WAXY at midnight) have released a new CD, brilliantly entitled Muse. Check it out -- I did and found it dynamic and compelling, full of the tension and release of great pop. The production values...oh, you'll be reading plenty about it soon enough.

This Sunday superstar Mary Karlzen (she's on Atlantic, you know) comes home for a show at Tobacco Road with Room for Thought.

Mark your calendar for June 24 when Reggae Sunsplash '95 comes to Flagler Drive in West Palm Beach -- that's as close to Miami (the gateway of riddim to the U.S.) as the thing gets. Aswad, Dennis Brown, Buju Banton, Sister Carol, Worl-a-Girl, Wailing Souls, Junior Tucker, and many other of reggae's top acts will be there.

Tonight (Thursday) at Rose's the Elysian and Mr. Tasty and the Bread Healers rock da house. On Sunday it's a blowout with Arlan Feiles and his band, plus Jolynn Daniel and her band. Feiles, of course, is recording for Island with Tom Dowd at the board; Jolynn Daniel and the Gray Area's music is being played on more than 70 radio stations around the nation. Not a bad bill, huh?

Tomorrow (Friday) Squeeze celebrates the second anniversary of the In Progress Arts Festival with no less than Meester Nil Lara taking the stage. (Lara's recording for Capitol Records). In case you don't know, the IPAF allows you -- yes, you -- to paint, chalk, pencil, or otherwise deface, er, I mean decorate, the walls of the club. By the way, the Holy Terrors, who keep breaking up, will play Squeeze on June 2.

Monkey around with the Baboons tonight (Thursday) at Tobacco Road with Red Road in the second installment of Pete's Wicked Night Out. The debut last week with I Don't Know and the Goods was a major blast -- the room was packed with dozens of some of the coolest, nicest people you'd ever want to drink and rock with -- despite the fact Beast and Baker kept getting on stage and talking gibberish. You can also climb the Baboons' tree the following two nights in the Evolution Room of Button South and on June 3 at Marsbar.

Air painters Mind Mural get colorful at Cafe Atlantico on South Beach tonight (Thursday).

The new Kendall club Delta Blues Cafe (10481 N. Kendall Dr.) is looking for jazz and blues acts to play live on Friday and Saturday nights. The amazing Raul Midon is booked for this Saturday. Call Debbie Cross at 273-9533.

The real Miami Sound man, KC (whose last name is Of Sunshine Band Fame), continues his comeback. As I mentioned in these pages a few years ago, KC's live performances have remained as energetic and energizing as ever. At the time he was talking about a new album, but talk doesn't move product. But then Get Down Live came out, bigger bookings came along, and now a remix of "That's the Way (I Like It)" is numero uno in Brazil, and another album, KC Live, is due out soon. Meanwhile, the hometown hero (he lives in Miami Lakes and would often jam at a neighborhood bistro for friends) has been spending the past couple of months at the Duke University Center (in North Carolina) getting in shape through a vigorous exercise regimen in preparation for an international tour. By the way, the legendary Henry Stone, one of the godfathers of pop music (from early James Brown to disco to rap to being the first to offer rocker Arlan Feiles a label deal, which Feiles passed on) and boss of Hot Productions, has re-released all the great TK material (KC, Foxy, et cetera) on CD. Sometimes I think the Seventies will never end.


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