Program Notes 46

Few nights ago my homes Frankly Frank brought me some crawfish (pronounced crowfish) personally cooked by zydeco king Terrance Simien. The man can cook, literally and figuratively, and more importantly, he helped add extra spice to an important event: Stephen Talkhouse and Camillus House teamed to raise some money to help homeless people. "We cleared $1500," says Ruth Hamilton, director of community relations for Camillus. "We were very happy. We made lots of new friends for Camillus House. We were involved from the start, and the Talkhouse people were easy and a pleasure to work with." Simien's music (and food, sold at $5 a big plate) didn't hurt either.

Go: The Itch plays Squeeze tonight (Wednesday). Skin Tight tightens up the Churchill's Hideaway contingent on Friday. Forget the Name showcases for Arista Records on Saturday at Washington Square, admission is free.

Go, go: Fleet Starbuck and Tom Keeton are the acts for this Saturday's folk session at the Unitarian Universalist Society in South Miami.

Oh: The Bellefires have landed the opening slot for the Gin Blossoms concert this Friday at the Edge. The worst band in America, Scraping Teeth, showcases tonight (Wednesday) at the Square. On Thursday La Notte Ristorante in Coral Gables stages Nicholas and his Body Music, glossy and professional new age/jazz, if that happens to be your cup of espresso.

Go, go, go: Tropics kicks off live rock next Tuesday with Rooster Head. You have a brain but you don't use it, there's something to gain if you'll only choose it, bugs in your bed, drugs in your head ...sorry, but we're pretty inspired by the new Big Horror poetry nights (every Wednesday at 9:00) at the Cabana Club (161 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach). If you're used to going to Button South anyway, you're in for a treat tomorrow (Thursday) when the world's most durable guitarist (once played for 183.22 hours straight), Louie LaPore, stages his band at the Button. This one's a biggie folks, polished hard rock that's ready to go for radio, retail, MTV.

The media circus: To Michael Jackson: I love you, too. And your sense of humor. Now, how about a duet with LaToya?

Butthorn of the week: WCIX-TV (Channel 6) news for their report about the Miami music scene, in which John Hambrick interviewed Lewis Martinee and Peter Honerkamp. Lewis is a cool guy who definitely owns a big slice of the Miami sound, but I haven't seen him in Churchill's in I don't how long. Peter's a nice guy who's been in Miami, what, five months? Channel 6 should have been interviewing Doc Wiley or Frank Falestra or Glenn Richards or Rich Ulloa or Jeff Lemlich or John Tovar or any of a dozen other names off the top of my head who've been splattering their brains all over the wall for years and years to make Miami's the best music scene around.


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