Program Notes 23

You can tell Crash Basket has a handle on songwriting and can play just fine by listening to their Pete's New Shoes. They rock as clean -- but much harder -- live. Really driving stuff. Saw 'em at a club called Churchill's Hideaway in Little Haiti, which I hear we're invading. War is good. Saw Sixo, or maybe it was Milk Can, but they're written about elsewhere in this week's weekly ("Music," page 83). And the Holy Terrors A a riot, almost, and if you don't know by now... By the way, Crash Basket goes again tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday in the Evolution Room of the Button South. As for the Holy Terrors, a message: Don't fuck with me, man. You want to fight, we'll take it outside while Rat's playing, okay? Actually not me, I can take it. But mess with my man Sloppy Joe and you're gonna get jacked.

The following showed up in my mail, inventive spelling, punctuation, and all:

"During the last two and a half years I among many others round here have arrived alive and experienced a handful of Natural Causes shows. Consistently, I found the linear quality of Mr. Feiles's music to be likened unto a strong bow unleashing arrows melded from the Kharmic Vhine (Valley's unknown.....right, Greg?.....) Edelson, Schantz, Friedman, Coogan, Wall, and Gould A all right there with the rough, rootsy, devine jangle. (Lennerd Pitts Jr. talks garrish trophies sometimes.........) Rock and Roll is a sociopolitical battlefield in which all players must someday own up and see how they fair. The privileged....... Some of us believe in majic. Not necessarily god or love; faith being a mature thing; not desperate or even cool, but measured and moving. The Band on the Run, The Midnight Rambler, and all the flirting with disasterites, it's all pointed but is there a point we're missing? Howdy Dudy, the Lone Ranger, and your ass from a strange hole in the ground. Momma's Soup Surprize. The good humor man. Status Quo and Lattice woe..... Psychics, fphuck off!!!!! Reward but a potencial for privacy. Good Day. Welcome to Detox Mtn. Smoke? In unison now, all these big rockin daddy's, and us of the higher conscience, more than mildly schizophrenic, so-called clued-in generation, we must say but two things. A/ 'These times and these tunnels are haunted, the bottom of the barrel is too'/ and B/ 'If you don't like me, you can leave me alone.' And back to our corners we go. CNN: The Corrinthians Channel. You know, it makes you wonder, a deadbeat crowd........ And a library in Alexandria burning. Who ever would've guessed. A Far away and left behind, Paece, Goodyear, H. David 'Hoosier' Winston."

Thanks for the letter, H. David. Are you making fun of me? Why you making fun of me? I'll kick your ass.

The new Violent Femmes album is called New Times. Thanks, guys.
Tomorrow (Friday) Valerie Archon is Marianne Flemming's guest at Nocturnal Cafe. Valerie's band also plays Rose's on October 7.

Big show Saturday at Stephen Talkhouse: Muse, the Goods, Halo, Amy Baxter, and Itanna. Don't fight it.

Tonight (Thursday) Brian Franklin, Jim Jones, and Matt Sabatella play the Nocturnal Cafe.

A big benefit concert for Earth Alert! takes place tomorrow (Friday) at Marsbar in Kendall. Second Coming, treehouse, and Raw B Jae and the Liquid Funk perform. You also can catch treehouse next Wednesday at Talkhouse.

Tomorrow (Friday) at noon Jackyl will hit Hard Rock Cafe, playing a full live set as part of the restaurant's first-anniversary celebration. Free.

One of the great local bands of the past, Groove Thangs, is reuniting for a series of shows: tonight (Thursday) at Reunion Room, the next night at D irty Moe's in Boca, Saturday at Abaco's in Lantana, and Sunday at the World Rugby Football League Exhibition at Royal Palm Polo in Boca in the afternoon. How uppressing.

The Robbie Genet Band, whose Harum Scarum CD should be out next month, plays Squeeze tomorrow (Friday). Apparently this'll be the last Friday-night concert at Squeeze. RGB has a new bassist, Debbie Duke, formerly of She Said.

This Sunday's Chili Pepper show features Itanna.
As you know from the extensive coverage A damn it, Baker, would you quit trying to pick fights? A Snoop Doggy Dogg's big show at the Arena was called off. Though it's been reported the reason was slow ticket sales, and though the promoter will say only that there were "circumstances beyond my control," a source close to the tour suggests that the real reason is that Dogg felt his stage show --especially compared to opening act Jodeci's -- wasn't up to snuff. He's retooling. I'm not trying to cause trouble here, just thought I'd try to set the record straight, and also make clear that Dogg's legal troubles had nothing to do with the show's vanishing.

On Saturday the best rock club in America, Churchill's (duh), brings to town Resolution, joined by Pope Joan.

Miles Hie's new project, My Girlfriend, plays tomorrow (Friday) at Reunion Room.

Butthorn of the week: Ticketmaster, but not for what you might think. Available now (for a limited time A man, that kills me) is the Elvis Aaron Presley tribute T-shirt (for just $19.95!), exclusively through Ticketmaster. In conjunction with a pay per view live concert Elvis is performing on October 8 (fuck your cable system today!). You can get the shirt in white or in ash (I'm not making this up, and neither is Dave Barry). America A you're a great country but sometimes I just want to kick your ass.


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