Press Clubbed

The work of staff writer Kathy Glasgow took honors in two categories. Glasgow was awarded the top spot in Feature Writing for "Where the Girls Are," a glimpse into the lives of a group of transvestite prostitutes living in a neglected city park; "From Moscow to Miami," a story about several young Cuban scholars who had been sent by the Castro government to study in the Soviet Union and who came to the U.S. as refugees after the USSR dissolved; and "Power to the Parish," a profile of Father Jose Luis Menendez, a priest determined to help his Wynwood parishioners stand up to often unsympathetic Miami bureaucrats. Glasgow also earned second-place honors in the Continuing Coverage category, for her work dealing with homelessness in Dade.

Staff writer Steven Almond took first place in the Continuing Coverage category, for a series of stories about then-Miami Commissioner Miriam Alonso's unsuccessful bid for the mayorship. Also, Almond's work was recognized in the Feature Writing category, earning second place for his stories "By Appointment Only," a foray into the ranks of Miami's unique consular corps; "Aces of Clubs," which examined South Florida's sizable and often strange bridge-playing subculture; and "Winning Wasn't Everything," the chronicle of the rise and fall of a Miami Beach attorney named Jim Dougherty, whose activities attracted the attention of federal and state investigators.

New Times art director Brian Stauffer's efforts garnered him a first-place award for Feature Page Layout, and the paper as a whole received a second place in the Special Section division, for the 1994 "Best of Miami" issue.


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