Police Stumble Upon Marijuana Lab While Searching for Pistol-Whipping Suspect

Sounds like Miami-Dade Police killed two birds with one stone yesterday morning. While searching for a robbery suspect, they came across a grow house.

Cops were responding to a home break-in around the University Park area. Two armed suspects entered the home and pistol-whipped a male victim. Police officers quickly caught one suspect, 55-year-old William Gaston, but the other fled.

While searching the neighborhood, they stumbled upon a "clandestine marijuana laboratory" at 12101 SW 31st St. They made one arrest there but think the two incidents are related only by location.

However, the second pistol-whipper is still on the lam. Cops are on the lookout for a white man between 56 and 60 years old with long white hair and a medium build. The suspect is believed to be armed and dangerous.


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