Plax Sued By Miami Woman For Ramming Her Probe With His Benz

Poor Plax. Just a year ago, the Giants wide receiver was riding pretty damn high -- Superbowl champ, massive contract, best ridiculous name in professional football.

How did it all fall apart? How, damnit?! Oh yeah, you shot yourself in the leg at a nightclub, then drove around bleeding for a couple hours before checking into a hospital under the name "Harris Smith" and claiming you were shot at an Applebees.

Well, things keep getting classier for Mr. Burress. Today comes word that a Miami woman, 27-year-old Alise Smith, is suing Plax for allegedly ramming her Ford Probe with his $140,000 Mercedes-Benz while tailgating her near Tamarac on the Florida Turnpike last May. Just to top it off, Burress -- who has a $25 million contract -- allegedly stopped paying insurance on his Benz and wasn't covered.

Wonder if Joey Porter will empathize with this one?

-- Tim Elfrink


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