Pizza-Lady Puncher Punches Out Permanently

Here's something we missed in the News Roundup. David Ranck, the Miami-Dade prosecutor who was involved in a bizarre physical altercation with a pizza delivery woman, has resigned. 

The delivery woman was having a hard time getting through security outside Ranck's gated community. After an argument, she told Renck he'd have to come downstairs to collect his pie. She didn't know she'd be collecting a punch in the arm. Ranck was placed on unpaid leave June 1 and is awaiting trial on misdameanor battery charges. 

He sent his letter of resignation to State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle over the weekend. 

Ranck sued Rundle last year in an unrelated incident, claiming he was wrongfully suspended after posting on a blog a private memo complaining about the handling of a fatal police shooting. 


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