Enter here, vegans

PETA Likes Dolphin Stadium

As any meat-free Miamian knows, there is a dearth of vegetarian dining options in the Magic City. But according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), there's one area where we excel at being meatless: the ballpark. PETA named Dolphin Stadium (home of the Florida Marlins) as the eighth most vegetarian-friendly ballpark in the nation. "Marlins fans can enjoy veggie hot dogs and burgers, black beans and rice, vegetable platters, spicy peanut noodles, mushroom fried rice, hand-tossed salads, and fresh fruit salads," reads the PETA ranking, which was released in late August.

It's a little odd - who goes to a ball game, especially one in Miami, to eat spicy peanut noodles - but we'll take the good news. The other recent city ranking was kind of a downer. It came from the U.S. Census, which said Miami was the fifth poorest city in the nation. --Tamara Lush


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