Paula Sladewski
Paula Sladewski

Paula Sladewski's Alleged Text Messages: "He's Trying to Kill Me"

Paula Sladewski regularly sent text messages to a former boyfriend that boyfriend Kevin Klym was trying to kill him, according to her Stepfather.

Richard Watkins, the stepfather, spoke to and says that since her body was found burned in a dumpster in north Miami-Dade, he's been in contact with one of Sladewski's former boyfriends.

He says that Sladewski sent text messages about Klym to the ex-boyfriend that read, "help me, I'm in trouble, he's trying to kill me." Though, it's not clear if any of those texts were sent while the pair were on vacation in Miami.

Watkins also says that Klym was arrested two months ago for punching Sladewski, and breaking her nose. She also reportedly told her family, who she last saw right after Christmas, that she was going to Las Vegas on vacation, so they were surprised when they learned she was actually in Miami.

Klym meanwhile, through his lawyer, maintains his innocence, but remains a person of interest in the case.


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