Overheating Toilet Diverts Miami Jet

Exactly what happened.
Exactly what happened.
Exactly what happened.

Not that there's ever a reason for diverting a flight that makes you feel good as a passenger.

But an overheating toilet? That's just unfortunate.

That's exactly what happened to 350 passengers in the wee hours this morning on a Miami to London Virgin Atlantic Flight.

The flight crew felt waves of heat coming through the floor, according to the AP, and feared there was a fire down below. Once they'd safely landed in Wilmington, N.C., they realized a hot toilet pump was to blame.

Riptide is fighting the urge to end this entry with yet another scatalogical reference. Must ... not .. give in ... Eh, let's just say it was a shitty flight and be done with it. Goodnight folks!

-- Tim Elfrink

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