Outdoor Sex Scandalizes Old Folks

Some people do it on Saturday.

A pair of Miamians preferred Sunday morning on an outdoor AC unit at the woman's grandmother's house in an upscale Naples neighborhood. Residents on the other coast were scandalized by a bout of what looked like outdoor sex on their quiet streets last weekend.

Four police found a couple in their 20s, the Miami Beach dude with his pants down and the Miami woman in her underwear, a used condom, a bottle of lube and a nearly empty bottle of vodka.

The pair cussed the officers out and the woman lifted her shirt before they were arrested. Indeed the Naples Daily News reported: "A 'small crowd' of elderly walkers stopped to watch the events."

In a jail house interview with the paper, the 25-year-old woman laughed: “This is news to Naples?...Oh my gosh. I’m glad we can entertain somebody.” Everybody deserves a little scandal at any age. Count on Miamians to bring it across Alligator Alley. -- Janine Zeitlin


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