Oops, This Herald Forgot New Times

See that pretty 1A pic in this morning's edition of the Magic City's largest English-language publication, the Miami Herald? Notice the gorgeous Trinidadian woman next to her equally good-looking hombre

"Patrice Yursik and her husband, Steve, will pick strawberries in a

Kendall field and dip them in chocolate, cook dinner and give each

other massages at home instead of a fancy dinner out -- ''just kind of

enjoy each other's company,'' Patrice Yursik says.

Funny thing, though. The writer, Ina Paiva Cordle, um, neglected to mention (she was told) that Patrice is Night & Day editor at the second-biggest English-language newspaper in town, Miami New Times. Oops.

No offense intended, Paiva-Cordle says. "She's leaving and they had a nice story," she explains. "I didn't mention her husband's job, either." (He works for the Related Group, by the by.)

Indeed, Patrice will be departing in a couple of weeks to find her fortune in Chicago. Felicidades to her! And I hope she can track down strawberries and such intimate times in the frozen tundra off Lake Michigan.

Chuck Strouse


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