Old People, Brooke Hogan Beat Governor

At the Miami Heat game Tuesday....

The Golden Oldies, time-out dancers with soft bellies, gray hair and jiggling thighs earned with age, shook to booty music.

(Boisterous applause, knee-slapping laughter, giggles)

Then, the sexy, hair-tossing twenty-somethings clicked across the court in heels and pranced while some seemed to long for poles.

(Catcalls, yee-haw, ow-ow-ow!!!)

Soon, Brooke Hogan, the Hulk's daughter, appeared bigger than the family's reality show on the giant screen with white-blond hair, long pink nails and a sheepish smile.

(Yay, woo-hoo!, clapping)

Not long after Governor Charlie Crist, sitting a row or two back from court side with an attractive brunette, waved to the crowd and looked dapper in a suit and yellow tie.


For those keeping track: funny old people and sexy dancers tied; reality show star had a decent showing; and the man who could make the state much better or worse has had better nights.

(Later, the Heat beat the Charlotte Bobcats 110-90.) -- Janine Zeitlin


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