Ohio State Player Cries Racism After Being Called "Cracker" by Florida Player

Oh, those poor, poor white folks, always the victims of racism. Just ask Ohio State linebacker Tyler Moeller. He's busy whining about being called a "cracker" by University of Florida players during the Gator Bowl.

"They're classless. That's the way I'd put it," Moeller told the Buckeye Sports Bulletin, according to Yahoo! Sports. "I've never seen more people swing at our players and call us racial slurs. I've never been called a 'cracker' more in my life than I have today. So I don't really have much respect for them in terms of that, but they're a good team. They came out and outplayed us today."

Buckeye Sports Bulletin writer Marcus Hartman later tweeted that Moeller's teammate, and a Miami native, Travis Howard reminded him that "trash talking is definitely a Florida thing (as in the state, not the team)."

While some folks consider the word cracker pejorative, it doesn't quite have as much sting in Florida as it might elsewhere. After all, this is the state where Lawton Chiles, the last Democrat to serve as governor, regularly and proudly referred to himself as a cracker and was remembered fondly as such.

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