Oh Great, Another OJ Simpson Trial

You'd think if someone was lucky enough to be acquitted on a double murder charge they kinda, sorta admitted to they'd try their best to stay the hell away from a courtroom for the rest of their lives. Lightning doesn't strike twice, y'know.

Not true for Kendall's most notorious resident, O.J. Simpson. The Juice is back on trial, for armed robbery and kidnapping, in Nevada. If convicted on all 11 charges he could be behind bars for up to 60 years, which would likely be the rest of his life. He's 61 now.

Jury selection begins today. Simpson is a big believer in the jury system (wonder why?) , but only if there's a well selected jury. The defense is worried that jurors could be affected by the media coverage of Simpson's 1995 trial, and selection is expected to take a week or more.

--Kyle Munzenrieder


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