Obama Wins Florida (in the 7-11 Coffee Election)

7/11 is holding its third "7-Election" in which coffee drinkers "vote" by choosing either a McCain or Obama cup, and Obama is currently leading 59% to 41%. He's winning Florida with 56% of the vote, too.

Haha, how silly? Right? Well the previous 7-elections showed George Bush beating Al Gore by only 1%, and in 2002 matched the actual national outcome with Bush getting 51% of the vote to Kerry's 49%.

Me? I'm claiming voter disenfranchisement until 7/11 opens a store in Midtown. Even then, I'd probably choose third party candidate Sen. Dietcoke Super-Gulp and her running mate Gov. 3-Cookies-for-a-$1.

--Kyle Munzenrieder


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