"Obama Variety Half Hour" to Air en Español

The Obama show that SNL preemptively parodied this weekend, as you might know, is actually scheduled this Wednesday (no, it won't be a song-and-dance spectacle) to air on all four major networks -- and now a Spanish version is set to broadcast on Univision. Barack Obama: Historias Americanas will air a half-hour before the English version at 8 p.m. (Obama loves Latinos so much he wants to make sure they get to see his super campaign ad before everyone else. Awwwww). They are all airing at 8 p.m. I will never trust WaPo again.

Our own Mayor Manny Diaz (whom the Washington Post thinks is an official Dem now, but not quite yet, WaPo; he's holding out until he makes a run for something bigger -- mmmkay) got the pleasure of announcing the arrangement to reporters. He sure has come along way on supporting Obama since semi-snubbing him, hasn't he?

--Kyle Munzenrieder


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