Obama Can Win Debates if He Keeps It Cool While Romney Keeps Lying
C. Stiles

Obama Can Win Debates if He Keeps It Cool While Romney Keeps Lying

For the past three weeks, political pundits haven't stopped talking about Barack Obama's miserable performance in the first televised debate against Mitt Romney. Predictably, polls have shown that Obama's lackluster response to Romney's lies has hurt his numbers. The Mormon candidate flipped more whoppers than Burger King, but the president failed to seize on Romney's falsehoods.

Obama was clearly caught off-guard. He was like a kid who had prepared for a school debate about the birds and the bees while his opponent talked about the flowers and the trees. The president thought he was going to debate the Romney who said he'd cut taxes for the rich while raising taxes on the middle-class, and who said he'd kill Medicare. Instead, Obama got the other Romney, the mofo who lies his ass off. That's exactly what Obama wanted to call Romney during the debate, but that wouldn't look presidential.

So what does Barack do to turn it around in the final two debates? Foremost, he needs to keep it classy. Romney wants Obama to lose his cool, but as long as the president doesn't fall into that trap, he's good.

See, the more Romney lies and changes his positions, the more undecided voters will realize he'll say anything to get elected. Romney is a lot like the life insurance salesman who used to come to my mama's house trying to get her to buy a policy. The dude could charm the pants off Charles Ponzi.


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Obama also needs to remind the American public that he is the guy who got Osama bin Laden, who doesn't let Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu push him around, who saved the American auto industry and then recouped all the money that the government loaned the car manufacturers, and who stopped credit card companies from charging bullshit fees.

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