Nightclub JItters

The tropical storm brewing between the University of Miami's student-run record label, 'Cane Records, and several of the bands appearing on its just-released compilation CD, Miami Hybridized ("Nightclub Jitters," July 27), has been downgraded to a mere summer squall and no longer threatens to swamp the album in a sea of acrimony.

"We've reached an understanding," allows guitarist Richard Lebos, whose band, the Kind, was one of the recording's loudest critics.

"We sat down and worked out most of our differences last week," explains 'Cane Records president Peter Lally. "It all boiled down to miscommunication." While the final mixes to which three of the five Hybridized bands strenuously objected still ended up on the CD, 'Cane Records appeased the unhappy musicians by agreeing to relax a contract clause that would have prohibited CD participants from re-recording the two songs included on Miami Hybridized for two years.

Both sides buried the hatchet -- surprise, surprise -- just in time for the Miami Hybridized record release party at the Hard Rock Cafe on August 30. Spirits ran high among both musicians and 'Cane Records personnel, despite the absence of actual CDs at the party celebrating their release. "They'll be here tomorrow," apologized Anjela Antonazzo, V.P. for promotions and fundraising at the label. "You can't really push too hard when everything [including the pressing of the initial run of 1500 CDs] is donated."

With VIPs such as Criteria Studios' resident legend Tom Dowd, celebrated TV talk show host Danny Jessup, and noted mascot-person Sebastian the Ibis looking on, all five artists/bands appearing on the CD A Carla Hall, Cheryl Hill, Fifth Gear, the Jongleurs, and the Kind A performed strong, well-received sets. The Jongleurs elicited the loudest ovation from the UM-student-heavy crowd, while the Kind, who had complained of muffled guitars marring the final mixes of their two cuts on Miami Hybridized, made a statement by turning up the volume and closing the festivities with a pumping reggae-funk six-string assault.

Mary Xmas
By Michael Yockel
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Mary Karlzen nipping at your nose. Ah, yes, the elfin Karlzen has contributed a track to two different Atlantic Records Christmas compilations. Her version of "Run, Rudolph, Run" (made famous by Chuck Berry) will show up on You Sleigh Me, while Karlzen's own composition, "(Not Just Until) The Season Ends," has been slated for inclusion on Winter, Fire & Snow. Expect both albums in stores by late next month.


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