• Residents in South Miami say they saw a "giant red-like, a huge intense red ball which flew," but police haven't found anything that fits the description. [CBS4]
  • Here's an article that says Art Basel is a "boon" for the local art scene. [Herald]
  • And here's an article that says Basel's effect on the local art scene has been mixed at best. [Herald]
  • A cruise ship docked in Miami lost power this weekend, which made sleeping rather uncomfortable. In other news, USA Today apparently has an entire blog dedicated to cruise ship news. [USAToday]

News Roundup: UFO Spotted in South Miami


  • Your Miami Heat choked in the final minutes and lost to the Boston Celtics (ugh, New England teams) 92-85. [Herald]
  • The Hurricanes are awaiting news about which bowl they'll be invited to. Likely, it will be the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando or the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, which don't sound as bad as the Meineke Car Care Bowl or the Sheinhardt Wigs Bowl. [PBPost]


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