• A 24-year-old burned his mother to death in Northwest Dade. He took off in a stolen public works truck, a police chase ensued, and he was shot and later died. [JustNews]
  • Michelle Spence-Jones is still preparing for re-election and plans to sue Charlie Crist while she's at it. [WSVN]
  • Cops in the Keys caught the owner of a marijuana grow house after they stole his plants and he called the number on a ransom note. [JustNews]
  • The local iguana population is in trouble thanks to the cold. When the temperature gets into the 40s, the lizards basically shut themselves down. [CBS4]
  • Uhh... [Herald]

News Roundup: Son Burns Mom to Death


  • Dwyane Wade led the Heat to a healthy victory over the Atlanta Hawks, 92-75. [AFP]
  • Who has thumbs and needs surgery on one of them? Jacory Harris. [Herald]


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