• Kendrick Meek wants $238 million for earmarks that would go toward things such as teaching children healthful eating habits and dredging the Miami harbor. [Herald]
  • An ex-Marco Rubio aide who made $175,000 a year put hefty expenses on a GOP credit card, including luxury hotels and handmade chairs. [Herald]
  • A former X Games gold medalist threw a metal cart at two men at Miami International Airport yesterday for no apparent reason. Then, after a scuffle with police, he was zapped with a stun gun. [NBCMiami]
  • A tractor trailer carrying cars collided with a train in Miami. No one was injured, but the damage was messy. [CBS4]
  • Ted Shaw was named Jackson Memorial's temporary CFO. [WSVN]
  • Meanwhile, doctors and residents banded together for a "Save Jackson South" rally. [CBS4]

News Roundup: Rubio's Aide Has Pricey Habits, Meek Loves Pork


  • Your Miami Heat beat the New Jersey Nets 99-89. [UPI]
  • This image the Herald currently has on it's home page ...is it for real? I'm not imagining it, right? [Herald]


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