• Dennis Morales, Mayor Alvarez's chief of staff, is out and heading back to his old job in the police department. [CBS4]
  • Miami-based home builders Lennar posted their first quarterly profit since 2007/ [WSJ]
  • Bail has been set at $210k for the "Kill all Jews" guy. [CBS4]
  • A local gym holds aerobics classes for Drag Queens, which of course features Jane Fonda tapes. [NBCMiami]

News Roundup: Mayor Alvarez's Chief of Staff Resigns


  • Do you think if Nick Saban was still with the Dolphins, in a parallel world where lying is punishable with death, he would have just led the team to a perfect regular season and onto a win in the championship game? We will never know. [ESPN]
  • Greg Cote suggests we root for the Jets in the post-season because they haven't won a Super Bowl since '68 (and not  because their owner just lost his celebutaunt daughter) and all other teams who haven't won a Super Bowl in forever. [Herald]


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