• A suspicious bag led to the temporary shut-down of a concourse at Miami International Airport. [LATimes]
  • More than 100 manatees have turned up dead this year, with many deaths attributed to the cold snap earlier this month. [CBS4]
  • A grandmother in North Miami is being charged with manslaughter after her 5-year-old granddaughter drowned in a pool. [CBS4]
  • Two SoBe hotels were on a "Dirtiest Hotel" list made by some website that makes lists of that type. [NBCMiami]
  • So the Hollywood cop who appeared on HGTV's Design Star and much earlier in his life a gay bondage film wants his badge back. [NBCMiami]

News Roundup: LeBron Bests D. Wade


  • LeBron James and the Cavs beat Dwyane Wade and the Heat in a nail-bitin' 92-91 game. [Herald]


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