• A 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated Haiti yesterday afternoon, and the first reports of causalities are coming in. [Herald]
  • Public officials through out South Florida are pledging help for Haiti. [CBS4]
  • Miami-Dade finally did something about it's illegal slaughter house problem as a range of federal, state and county officers made a giant sweep of west Miami-Dade yesterday. [Herald]
  • Charlie Crist still promises to remove newly re-elected Michelle Spence-Jones from office. [Herald]
  • Emilio Estefan just released his autobiography entitled "The Rhythm of Success." But is it going to get you? Probably not. [NYPost]
  • Democrats finally have a CFO candidate, former legislator Loranne Ausley. [Herald]

News Roundup: Heat Want to be Paying Lebron and Dwyane Wade


  • So Dwyane Wade has made it clear he needs a talented little friend on the team that would make the Heat Champ contenders once again. Unsurprisingly LeBron James is the top choice next year, though Chris Bosh and Amar Stoudemire. [Herald]
  • Seems that many of the big parties and a lot of the economic windfall from the Super Bowl will be headed to Ft. Lauderdale. So Broward County folk, you can pay for the Dolphins new roof. [NYTimes]


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