• Electronic tracking tags say there are three great white sharks off the coast of Florida right now. Don't worry -- so far they've made it only as far south as Jacksonville. [JustNews]
  • Mayor Alvarez will not receive any additional power over Jackson Health. [Herald]
  • The week will get colder, with temps dipping into the 30s at night. [CBS4]
  • Agents discovered about $1.5 million worth of cocaine at Fort Lauderdale Airport. [JustNews]
  • Maurice Ferre says he left Miami with $43 million in the bank but then admits he can't remember because that was 30 years ago. [CreativeLoafing]

News Roundup: Great Whites Off the Coast of Florida


  • We still don't understand hockey, and barely write about the Panthers, but they got into a lot of fistfights last night, so that was fun. [NBCMiami]
  • The Marlins-UMiami baseball game ended with a lopsided victory for the pros, 19-3. [AP]


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