• Turns out that the EPIC hotel was not the sources of those strains of legionnaires disease after all. [AP]
  • Looks like a group of banks are going to take ownership of ICON Brickell. [WSJ]
  • The Fire Station on Key Biscayne is now closed two days a week, so do try and not have a fire on one of those days. [JustNews]
  • Doctors at the University of Miami say they may have helped move along the cure for the diabetes. [JustNews]
  • Speaking of important and respected academic institution University of Miami, their winter graduation will feature a speech by a guy who became famous for wrestling around in a bikini, and who's next movie is about tooth fairy. Yep, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. [CBS4]
  • Dog bites postal worker. [WSVN]

News Roundup: Dwyane Wade is Smoother than Tiger Woods


  • Dwyane Wade should give Tiger Woods some lessons in how to hold on to your sponsors while your personal life implodes. [NYTimes]
  • Hurricanes Basketball beat Stetson 69-49, with 20 points from Dwayne Collins. Listen, I'm not going I'd rather root for the 'Canes than the Heat, but they aren't losing very often, and they have a superstar Dwayne who spells his name correctly. [AP]


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