News Roundup

  • Cat killer took two more kitty lives this weekend. [JustNews]
  • Meanwhile, up in Broward, BSO deputies apparently think their copycat killer is just a bunch of wild dogs. [CBS4]
  • South Beach residents: The city denies you were knee-deep in sewer water. [NBCMiami]
  • Watergate "plumber" Bernard Barker died this weekend at his home in Westchester. Exiles apparently thought of him as a hero for his pre-Watergate activities. However, he also tried to undermine democracy and other basic principles America is built on, so most people do not share the "hero" point of view. [Herald]
  • A flight taking off from Paris and landing in Miami this week is the future. Seriously, back when Conan did Late Night, he said that in the year twoooo-thoussaaaAAAANND, a flight that conserves gas and uses satellite navigation would land in Miami. [Herald]
  • The eviction of beloved SoBe rooster Mr. Clucky has gone national. Expect a movie deal to be inked by week's end. [WaPo]
  • Once this whole embargo thing is put behind us, Cuba and the U.S. can focus on something that really matters: oil. [Herald]


  • Sun comes up. Sky is blue. Joey Porter talks shit. [GridIronGab]


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