News Roundup

  • The National GOP wants Charlie Crist to run for Senate. [Hill]
  • Ex-FBI agent John Connolly gets 40 years for his role in a mob murder. [Herald]
  • Beware the dreaded lube ring thieves. [CBS4]
  • With the Orange Bowl demolished, where will we have our official Fidel Castro death party? [CBS4]
  • Burger King hired a new ad agency for Hispanic marketing. [Herald]
  • A Broward teacher was caught with $16,000 worth of pot in his trunk. How can he afford all of that on a teacher's salary? [Herald]
  • A Florida girl sent more than 35,000 text messages a month. Twice. That's 1,182 a day. Which is more than one a minute if you sleep eight hours a night. [NBC6]
  • Canes basketball team came back from a 17-point deficit to defeat Maryland. [SunSent]


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