News Roundup


  • A Florida judge struck down a law that placed heavy fees on travel agencies that booked trips to Cuba, citing it as unconstitutional. [UPI]
  • Jason Beckman, the 17-year-old who killed his South Miami commissioner father, told schoolmates he hated his dad and that he kept a list of people he hated. [Herald]
  • A list of tax-day deals. [CBS4]
  • An Aventura developer was finally charged with strangling his wife to death 17 months after he allegedly did it. [Herald]
  • Both commissioners up for re-election in Coral Gables won. [Herald]


  • The Hawks vs. Heat game was billed as a preview of the playoffs. Sadly, the Hawks prevailed 81-79. [SPI]
  • UM baseball easily beat FAU. [PBPost]


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