News Roundup

  • Barack Obama and his wife Michelle will be holding a rally tomorrow in Bicentennial Park. [Obama]

  • Former Sec. of State Colin Powell endorsed Obama over the weekend. [Politico]

  • The Miami Herald did too. [Herald]

  • Ravens beat Fins. Boo. [ESPN]

  • Canes beat Duke! Yay! [ESPN]

  • Troy beat FIU. Boo. [ESPN]

  • Seriously? McDonald's outsources the person taking your order now? That's just spooky. [CGGV]

  • Cubans are coming through Mexico now, because apparently it's easier. [WashPo]

  • Counting only the few absentee ballots that have come in, Republicans are winning Florida. [Naked Politics]

  • But Dems have a huge registered voter edge. [Naked Politics]


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