News Roundup


  • Miami-Dade now has 10 confirmed cases of swine flu. Yeah, Swine Flu updates have gone from their own posts to the 'News Roundup.' [Herald]
  • There was a hijacking at MIA! Actually, it was just a false alarm. [Herald]
  • Mayor Carlos Alvarez has still not filled the top job at the County department that deals with hurricane preparedness and response, and hurricane season starts in less that a month. 
  • June's Unisex Salon was hit with a Molotov cocktail, and has experienced two arson fires in one week. [CBS4]


  • It's not football, but we'll take it. UM Men's tennis upset UF in the NCAA tourney. [Alligator]
  • Greg Cote thinks the Dolphins have totally given up on next season before it's even begun. [Herald]

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