News Roundup

  • A bunch of protesters came out this weekend against health-care reform, and Charlie Crist called the bill a "cockamamie" idea. [CBS4]
  • Erik Fresen, a Miami-area representative who wants to be speaker of Florida's House one day, is facing foreclosure. [Herald]
  • Heat player Michael Beasley got what is probably the stupidest tattoo outside of Mr. Cool Ice. Oh, also, there is a mysterious "baggie" in a photo he posted to Twitter. [NBCMiami]
  • It's the first day of class in Miami-Dade public schools. [Herald]
  • The Dolphins remain undefeated in the preseason, picking up a second win against Carolina this past Saturday, beating them 27-17. [PBPost]
  • Unfortunately, two players were out of the game owing to dreaded swine flu symptoms; one might have even tested positive. [Herald]


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