News Roundup


  • A 12 year-old has started college at FIU. [CBS4]
  • "In Miami-Dade County, the average weekly wage in the third quarter was $842, up 2.2 percent from the same period of 2007." Basically wages are up even though unemployment is down. [SFBJ]
  • CBS4 has a story about "cheap cribs," and I honestly thought they meant

    like places where wee babies sleep. No, they mean houses. Like that

    eight year-old MTV show. [CBS4]

  • A Miami federal judge reprimanded the US Attorney's office for knowingly, unethically tape recording defense attorneys in a drug case. [Herald]
  • The Attorney General's office s suiting the company that makes the Caylee Anthony doll and the Michael Vick chew toy because they possible lie about giving part of the profits to charity. [NBCMiami]


  • UM basketball star Dwayne Collins has declared for the NBA draft as a junior. [AP]
  • Miami FC will play a few home games at FIU stadium. [Herald]


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