• Two Miami Beach men who used to work at Lehman Brothers are being charged with insider trading. [Herald]
  • Attorney General Bill McCollum would very much like to see the Seminole Tribe stop offering blackjack and other illegal card games at their casinos. [SunSent]
  • 60% of Floridians view Jeb Bush favorably, including 46% of Democrats. Of course that is a far way away from Charlie Crist's 74% approval rating. We just like everyone in this state! [Buzz]
  • Charlie Crist is going to fill our hole, our budget hole, by cutting some spending, digging into savings and reaching a gambling agreement with the Seminoles. Maybe. [Naked Politics]
  • Sparks, which long ago was the official alcohol of hipsterdom, will be discontinued. Farewell sweet Sparks tongue. [CBS4]
  • A doctor involved in that fake HIV clinic/medicare fraud will get 30 years, his assistant will get 15. [NBC6]
  • UM QB Robert Marve has been suspended for the Emerald Bowl, because he missed four classes. [SFGate]

News Roundup

--Kyle Munzenrieder


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